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Introducing Exploratorium

Hi! My name is Danny Vilela. You can find out more about me, but otherwise I’d like to introduce you to one of my larger personal projects (forever) in development, Exploratorium. Exploratorium is just a collection of exploratory data analyses I’ve written that I think others might enjoy.

I got the idea for Exploratorium (admittedly) from a pretty weird dream (think JSM meets the circus), but the idea is actually the same! I think exploratory data analysis is really cool, and the more opportunities to develop my #skills as a data scientist, the better.

Bonus: I didn’t know it at first, but there’s an actual Exploratorium museum in San Francisco which is really cool.

This blog/project has taken heavy influence and inspiration by some of the particularly cool data science blogs I follow, like Julia Silge, Max Woolf, and David Robinson. They all have great examples of exploratory data analysis, and I’ve always wanted to host some of my own.

The next steps for Exploratorium are to actually get the analyses up! As soon as I figure out R Markdown and Shiny apps, I’ll be sure to make each new post pretty nifty. Likewise, each post will link to the Exploratorium Github repository that’ll host data, figures, source code, and R Notebooks used while preparing the blog post! I’m looking forward to it ☺️

A Slight Aside

I’ve been asked “What would you do if you could do anything” a few times, and it’s usually the boring answer: what I’m doing now! I like looking at data, exploring, and communicating cool things I found – to me, it’s closer to a game or scavenger hunt than actual “work”. Questions like:

  • “What would I want to know about this data?”

  • “How should I approach the data analysis to answer that question?”

  • “How can I best present my findings?”

  • “What next? Should I drill-down or start over?”

are actually pretty fun to tackle (once you know the tools doing so, that is). It also just so happens that data analysis and science is a pretty lucrative field at the moment, but that’s mostly luck.

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